Hand Sanitizer

Southern Candle Cares! Private Reserve Hand Sanitizer.

Decrease bacteria on your hands to help prevent the spread of germs. Enriched with moisturizers and vitamin E to be gentle on the skin. When you don’t have access to a sink or water and want to effectively kill germs on your hands, use Southern Candle Hand Sanitizer to get the job done.

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Effectively kills harmful bacteria and germs

Antimicrobial solution with 80% Ethyl Alcohol to help reduce the number of germs on hands

Perfect for when soap and water are not available

With Vitamin E to help moisturize and keep hands soft

Water Thin Formulation

Formulated in accordance with WHO Recommendations

Fast Acting Antiseptic Formula

Bottle size: 16 Fl Oz (Larger Sizes Are Available Upon Request)

If You Know Any Medical Professionals, First Responders, Essential Business Or Organizations In Need Of Hand Or Surface Sanitizer Products. Please Have Them Tel-Text Duane 704-402-3558 Or Email: Duane @ So We Can Offer Our Immediate Assistance And Larger Amounts Or Quantities. 

Prevention Is Protection!

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